Ishibashi Cultural Center

Ishibashi Cultural Center

The Ishibashi Cultural Center was donated by honorary citizen Shojiro Ishibashi who founded Bridgestone Corporation in 1956 to his home city Kurume. It is a composite cultural facility with an art museum, music hall, and library, and a vast garden with flowers including roses and camellia blooming in all four seasons. The premise filled with flowers and greenery has been cherished by the citizens as a venue for relaxation and a base of culture and art.

The principle behind making the donation

Shojiro's principle behind the donation etched on the main gate says, "For the welfare and happiness of all mankind." It is alive in every corner of the facility even today.

The 60-year history of the Ishibashi Cultural Center


The Ishibashi Cultural Center opened on April 26, 1956. [Facilities donated] Art museum, gymnasium, cultural hall, a 50-meter pool, outdoor music hall, tennis courts, kids amusement park, etc.

An aerial photo (above) of the celebratory event on the opening day.


Opening of the Ishibashi Cultural Hall / Ishibashi Cultural Auditorium.


Launched the amusement park business including tiny cars on the former tennis court site.


Completion of the Japanese Garden (first-phase construction) and the free rest area, Rakusuitei.


The gymnasium was closed for the construction of the public library. The amusement park was closed.


The Kurume Public Library (present Central Library) was opened.


The 50-meter pool was closed.


The Annex of the Ishibashi Museum of Art was opened.


The Ishibashi Cultural Center marked its 50th anniversary.


The camellia garden at Ishibashi Cultural Center was recognized as the "International Camellia Garden of Excellence."


The Ishibashi Cultural Center marked its 60th anniversary on April 26. November 19th. The Kurume City Art Museum and the Shojiro Ishibashi Memorial Museum were opened.

Kurume City Art Museum

Kurume City Art Museum was opened in November 2016, inheriting over sixty years of history and tradition from the Ishibashi Museum of Art that was inaugurated in 1956. It also has a museum shop inside.

Kurume City Art Museum

Shojiro Ishibashi Memorial Museum

The Shojiro Ishibashi Memorial Museum (public asset) was donated by the Ishibashi Foundation to Kurume City in November 2016, after renovating the Annex of the Ishibashi Museum of Art, and was opened the same time as the Kurume City Art Museum. This memorial museum introduces the transitions of the Ishibashi Cultural Center as a base for art and culture and also introduces Shojiro Ishibashi’s path in life and his character.

Shojiro Ishibashi Memorial Museum

Ishibashi Cultural Hall

The Ishibashi Cultural Hall was completed in 1963. The hall born of the aspiration of Shojiro and his eldest son Kanichiro has earned a solid reputation among many musicians as a hall with superb acoustic effects thanks to the design by NHK Science & Technology Research Laboratories.

Guide Map

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Contact & Access

  • Ishibashi Cultural Center

    1015, Nonaka-machi, Kurume-shi, Fukuoka 839-0862, Japan
    Opening Hours:
    9:00 ‒ 17:00
    Mondays (except on holidays or observed holidays), and New Year holidays.
    *The garden is opened to the public all year.
  • Kurume City Art Museum and the Shojiro Ishibashi Memorial Museum

    Opening Hours:
    10:00 ‒ 17:00 (No entry after 16:30)
    Mondays (except on holidays or observed holidays), during the exhibition preparation periods, and New Year holidays.
  • Access

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    By air :
    About 50 minutes via Nishitetsu Highway Bus from Fukuoka Airport to “Bunka Center Mae”
    Train :
    20 minutes by Shinkansen or 40 minutes by rapid train from JR Hakata Station to JR Kurume Station.
    30 minutes by limited express or 40 minutes by express train from Nishitetsu Fukuoka (Tenjin) Station to Nishitetsu Kurume Station
    Bus :
    About 15 minutes from JR Kurume Station, about 5 minutes from Nishitetsu Kurume Station.
    Nishitetsu Bus, Routes 1, 9, 20, 22, 25 Get off at “Bunka Center Mae”
    On foot :
    About 10 minutes from Nishitetsu Kurume Station.
    By car :
    About 10 minutes from Kurume Interchange. Paid parking available. Cost 200 yen up to the first two hours and 100 yen for each additional 30 minutes.
    500 yen per bus when passengers enter the Center (booking required)