Kurume is known all over Japan as the town which turned out great Western-style painters such as Aoki Shigeru and Sakamoto Hanjiro from modern times onwards. With Western-style painters from Kurume as the main focus of our collection, we plan to turn our eyes towards all parts of Kyushu and build up a systematic collection of Kyushu yoga (Western-style painting).

Hanjiro Sakamoto

Sakamoto portrayed the clouds above a canal along the Chikugo River on the outskirts of Kurume soon after his return from France.
The sky occupies the majority of the picture and the clouds especially play the leading role in this image.
Sakamoto painted another work of more or less identical composition three years later, in 1927, which is in the collection of the National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto.
Compared to the work dating from 1927, the unrefined portrayal of the mountains and clouds is actually quite charming.

Hanjiro Sakamoto《Clouds above the Canal》
1924, Oil on canvas
Hanjiro Sakamoto《Clouds above the Canal》

Yajuro Takashima

Candles were a subject that Takashima Yajuro continued painting from early on in his career to his final years. He never exhibited them at individual shows and is said to have given them directly to close friends.
Dozens of pictures of candles remain, most of which depict a candle placed directly on the table with no signature. This painting is extremely rare as the candle is placed on a dish and it bears a signature.

Yajuro Takashima《Candle》
Oil on board
Yajuro Takashima《Candle》

Zenzaburo Kojima

This work demonstrates a high degree of perfection among the still lifes dating from the 1950s, which depict flowers and vases.
The vase appears to be blue-and-white porcelain of the Yi Dynasty. While the three-dimensional treatment employing a certain amount of shading presents texture and volume, the mimosa and other flowers spread over the entire picture in gorgeous colors and the splendid pattern on the mat on which it is placed are stylized rather flatly,
demonstrating the characteristics of Kojima’s still lifes.

Zenzaburo Kojima《Mimosa and Other Flowers》
1957, Oil on canvas
Zenzaburo Kojima《Mimosa and Other Flowers》